How to Organize Cozy Minimalist Decor Ideas


Before you start, get clear firstly about your goals for decluttering and embracing a cozy minimalist decor ideas. What do you want to gain.  Here are some ideas:

  • You wants feel more at peace ? Have a house without clutter. It’s help.
  • Minimalism gonna help you prioritize physical and emotional in your life.
  • Will allow you to feel free not being tied down by so many possessions.
  • You will be out of excuses and will work on a goal. When your house is free of unneeded items.
  • Will give me a sense of pride in your home when this task finally accomplishing.

Once you have your goals and affirmations clear. You can start stay clear on your intentions and power through the process.


When you organize your kitchen:

  • You can keep the mixing bowls and measuring tools near the counter you bake at.
  • Shoul put the pots and pans near the stove.
  • Place the mugs near the coffee pot
  • Place the glasses near the water source.
  • You should keep dishes and silverware near the dishwasher
  • Have the towels in a drawer near the sink.
  • Put the spices in a cupboard close to the stove.
  • Then keep oven mitts in a drawer near the oven.


When you organize the living room:

  • Do not place a big sectional sofa, choose a simply ones as primary seating.
  • Use a perfect furniture which look simple and able to position and reposition as often.
  • The dynamic arrangement of furniture keeps the focal point in your mind but also directs people through the area.
  • Limit what in the living room. It implies everything in this room should be used and needed by all family members. No personal stuff here
  • Keep only the movies you love and keep the discs in a CD wallet.


When you organize the kids room:

  • How many toys they keep should have a limit, and blankets are on their bed as well.
  • Ask a questions what toys that they wanted to keep in the room.
  • Give each kid their own personal box. When it’s time to clean up, the kids knows right where that toy should go.
  • Place all the toys in one room: pick either the living room or kids room.
  • Hooks are one of the best inventions for children, use it.
  • Have a place for their shoes
  • Have a place for their personal box.


When you organize your closet:

  • Have a place for your shoes. It is much nicer to see a row of shoes rather than a box or basket in closet.
  • Use simple boxes to separate the small stuff. It is good to have a specific place for socks, undies, belts, etc.
  • Use hooks for purses, ties, scarves, belts and jewelry.
  • Keep your short sleeves in a group and long sleeves in a group, when hang the clothes.


When you organize your laundry room:

  • The laundry room should be quite pretty basic: Soap, baskets, drying racks, and iron. A shelf is going to stay clean if only have 3 items on it.
  • Use a rack you can get to hold the board and iron when you iron.
  • Hooks help store drying racks and can hold the laundry basket when not in use.


When you organize the cleaning supplies:

  • Place everything off the floor that you can. For the laundry room, just put nails in the wall where you wanted the broom and mop items to hang.
  • Clean these supplies regularly.
  • When you have a weekly cleaning ritual, grime doesn’t come and become difficult to clean, no need for a bunch of chemical cleaners.


Itulah beberapa tips yang bisa di pertimbangkan, apabila anda berencana membanagun rumah bertipe minimalis, bersama CV. Karya Mandiri bisa memberikan solusi dan inovasi untuk mewujudkan keinginan pembangunan rumah anda.

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